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Women, Millennials Usher in the ‘Shift Age’

Posted On November 25, 2013

This is the third and final part of our ‘highlight reel’ of last month’s CREW Network convention in Dallas, compiled by Bruce A. Kellogg, BBGs Executive Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives.

David Houle: Vision Surpasses LegacyEntering-the-Shift-Age1

‘America’s leading futurist’ David Houle, author of ‘Entering the Shift Age’ (Sourcebooks, 2013) described this bold new era as one of global electronic connectedness. He pointed out that most people today live in ‘screen reality’ rather than physical reality. He calls our current period within the Shift Age the ‘Transformation Decade’ (2010-2020), which is bringing about the collapse of legacy thinking and placing greater emphasis on visionary thinking akin to JFKs vision to put a man on the moon before the end of the ’60s decade. Millennials will lead the Shift Age, Houle says. And since physical strength doesn’t matter in cyberspace or for processing Big Data, and nearly two-thirds of college degrees are completed by women, soon we ‘will witness the ‘ascendancy of women.’

Mark Gibson: Tread Cautiously in Today’s Capital Markets

In another session, Mark Gibson, founder and leader of HFF, urged investors to be careful because there’s so much competition for so little inventory. Read Commercial Property Executive’s Special Report on Gibson’s capital market analysis here.

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