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Posted On December 16, 2014

mai-rgbIt is possible to be an outstanding real estate appraiser without an MAI designation, or any other string of initials. Let’s make that clear from the start. But the credential certainly has value and confers prestige. That’s why OVER 30 percent of BBG appraisers are designated, and why BBG supports employees who wish to become so.

From an appraiser’s perspective, attaining an MAI designation is good for business. It requires advanced education and rigorous testing as well as real-world appraisal experience, and that’s why clients and prospective clients recognize and respect the designation. It shows that an appraiser’s education significantly exceeds most licensed or certified appraisers’ educations. Visit the Appraisal Institute website to learn more.

From our BBG leaders’ perspective, pursuit and possession of an MAI signifies an employee’s dedication to the appraisal profession because it’s such a lengthy process, usually taking eight to ten years, although we have several rock stars among us who managed to complete it in three or four years.

Most important, from a client’s perspective, an MAI stands not only for experience and expertise but also integrity. Along with an MAI come defined ethical requirements that must be upheld. So, fair or not, it’s just generally assumed that designated appraisers perform to higher standards, and that brings clients peace of mind. At BBG, we are proud to live up to and surpass their expectations.

A critical part of the MAI curriculum is achieving mastery at writing, substantiating and defending value conclusions. This is especially important in light of this past decade’s boom-bust-recovery cycle and all its contributing factors, including overinflated property values. As an independent appraisal firm with no conflicting services, BBG offers honest, unbiased and defensible appraisals. Clients can count on that from all of our employees — designated or not.

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