Construction Risk Management

Financing construction projects have inherent challenges, even in the best of times. Now that the environment is much less certain, it’s more important than ever to mitigate the risk associated with construction financing. 

The BBG Construction team offers technical and financial expertise needed to reduce the risk of construction financing and investment. Our professional engineers, construction managers and financial experts offer experience across a wide range of industries, markets, institutions and practices.

For construction lenders and equity capital providers, understanding construction budgets and keeping payments in line with progress is critical. BBG is available to provide a wide range of services in support of construction lending and investment.

Clients Served

  • Agency lenders
  • Institutional investors
  • Construction lenders
  • Developers
  • Owners & corporations
  • Insurance companies

Services Offered

  • Construction Risk Assessment (CRA)

  • Conceptual Budget Review (CBR)

  • Project Status Reports (PSR)

  • Cost to Complete Analysis (CTC)

  • Contractor Qualification Evaluation

  • Status of Construction Completion

  • Feasibility Reviews

  • Repair Confirmation Report (RCR)

  • Hospitality Type Planned improvement Project
    Review (PIP)

  • CRA Peer Review

  • CTC Peer Review

  • PSR Peer Review

  • Project Activity Report (PAR)

  • Freddie Mac Pre-Construction Analysis Report

  • Freddie Mac Project Status Report (PSR)

Construction Risk Management Terms

  • Construction Risk Assessment (CRA) also known as a Plan & Cost Review is useful for Lenders when the project may be further along and Architectural/MEP drawings exist, contracts executed, a Gantt schedule, ALTA land survey, geotechnical, Phase I/ II, etc. can all be reviewed by BBG to identify construction risks and avoid change orders. 
  • Conceptual Budget Review (CBR) is used to analyze a project before work begins – hard and soft costs, using RS Means for material and labor costs, localized by zip code.  
  • Project Status Report (PSR) is used to monitor the project progress and draw dollars – typically with a monthly site visit.  These can be adjusted based on the particular project’s construction/renovation velocity.  
  • Cost to Complete (CTC) is for an ongoing projects that may have gone over schedule or over budget, or for a variety of reasons need alternate (mezz/bridge/owner equity) financing to get over the finish line (Certificate of Occupancy). 

Service Leader

Scott A. Cameron, R.A., AIA

Senior Managing Director
Construction Risk Management

Scott Cameron has 30 years of experience within the architectural and building construction industry, of which, he’s been a licensed architect for the past 23 years.   Mr. Cameron’s experience includes over 20 years’ experience within the Construction and Property Condition real estate industry.  He has conducted Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), Construction Status Reports (CSRs), Construction Document Reports (CDRs), Cost-to-Complete Reports (CTCs), and Construction Loan Monitoring Reports (CLMs) and Phase I environmental Site Assessments for a wide range of local and national clients, including banks, agency lenders, investment banks, life companies, law firms, and property owners.  The properties he has evaluated have included private and public sectors, including hospitality, office, retail, commercial, healthcare, multifamily, K-12, higher education, industrial, and warehouse facilities.  A good portion of Mr. Cameron’s experience has been managing large portfolios of construction projects where he served as the senior architect responsible for approving funds for the value of work-in-place.   Mr. Cameron has also managed teams of Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals for the completion of Property Condition Assessments and Construction Monitoring Reports.

Bundled Services

One-stop shop for valuation + assessment services.

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