Mr. Richard Vallejo has 20 years of experience in the real estate due diligence industry, where he was instrumental in the development and elevation of what is known today as BBG Assessments, LLC.  He maintains a Senior Managing Director position where he manages the Project Coordinators and Centralized Staffing groups, as well as lending support to Client Managers, Sales, and Operations.

Mr. Vallejo began his career in 2002 as an Accounting Manager for a real estate due diligence assessment company and appraisal firm, managing millions of dollars in receivables.  After the assessment company was acquired in 2004, he continued to provide accounts receivable supervision over multiple offices nationwide while evolving his services to the appraisal firm to include contract management, licensing, project bidding, and project coordination.

Mr. Vallejo saw the appraisal firm acquired in late 2007, where he again evolved his services to include direct client management, negotiating projects services, fees and timing with national clients for appraisal services, with special attention to special use type properties to include churches, schools, cemeteries, private schools and universities. 

Mr. Vallejo continued to provide multi-level management services during a managerial takeover of the appraisal services in 2008, where his services now included the managing of the Houston appraisal office.

Mr. Vallejo was invited to initiate a test program for the environmental and property condition assessment services in late 2009, where he played a key role in maintaining report templates, setting up relationships with Professional Associates, setting pricing from environmental resource providers, lab services and testing products, as well as project coordination.  He continued to negotiate on behalf of appraisal service as well as the assessment due diligence to provide project fee & timing for all types of clients, including agency lenders, construction lenders, institutional investors, owners & corporations, and insurance companies.

Mr. Vallejo’s experience in the environmental health and real estate due diligence consulting industry includes providing services to a wide range of clients for Environmental Phase I, Phase II, Property Condition, Seismic Studies, Small Balance Loans, Plan & Cost Reviews, and Third-Party Desktop Reviews.