Life at BBG

Tree of 40 Fruit

In a conference room at real estate services firm BBG’s downtown Dallas office building, an oil painting of a fruit tree hangs on one of the walls. The painting exudes a visually stunning presence that immediately captures the attention of those inside the room and passersby.

The painting, created by Austin artist Jared Dunten, depicts a multicolored blossoming tree called “The Tree of 40 Fruit”, conceived by Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken who grafted buds from various trees to create trees that produce 40 different varieties of stone fruits, or fruits with pits. Aken’s trees have been planted at different locations across the country.

But the painting is more than just Dunten’s interpretation of Aken’s work: It symbolizes how all living things are capable of remaining resilient while enduring hardship, a trait that allows Dunten to attain notable achievements despite living with a severe physical disability.

A Unique Place to Build a Career 

High-energy, optimistic, hard-working and fun are a few words you might think of after spending time with the BBG team.

Why? The company is made up of a capable professionals committed to doing great work. An entrepreneruial mindset, attention to detail, and a fast-paced approach are characteristics valued by all at BBG. The team enjoys working together to build an industry-leading company that is nimble and constantly evolving.  It’s easy to feel the commaradery, commitment and common purpose that create the firm’s unique culture.

Life at BBG

These images give a behind-the-scenes look at the BBG team.